Tastes from Around the World, Brought Locally

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Although Myanmar is a country on the other side of the world, the tastes enjoyed at this week’s Valley Café have been brought to you by farms in the local area.

J. Glebocki Farms is located about forty miles away in Goshen, NY and has supplied the Valley Café with the bell peppers used in the Burmese Salad and Burmese White Cabbage & Noodle Curry available on tomorrow’s menu. The farm is owned and operated by John Glebocki, a fifth generation farmer with his wife and two daughters. The farm grows a wide variety of vegetables in New York’s extremely fertile soil of the Black Dirt Region, the largest concentration of such soil outside of the Florida Everglades and some of the most rich muck soil in the world.


Glebocki Farms is very involved in their community by providing fresh produce to farmer’s markets in New York City and wholesalers in the tri-state area (that’s how Sodexo supplies Marist’s ingredients!). The farm also offers a Community Service Agriculture veggie box program in which members purchase a “share” of land from the farm and receive a weekly variety of fresh produce. For each 2013 CSA share sold, Glebocki Farms also donates one box of produce each week to local food pantries. It  turns out that this is an additional connection Glebocki has with Marist besides the Valley Café. Glebocki employee Kelly (who oversees CSA) told me that they’ve had a “very positive response” to the program, including at Marist. They are in front of the Hancock Center every Tuesday delivering the boxes of produce ordered by students and faculty.

It’s great to see such active community involvement by a local business like Glebocki Farms, especially just within our campus. As you taste the fresh bell peppers in tomorrow’s Valley Café lunch, be sure to think of John (and, let’s be honest, his two incredibly adorable daughters).


Please Note: Many other ingredients in this week’s Myanmar meal were also sourced locally. The tomatoes in the Burmese Chicken Soup and Burmese Salad are from Saunderskill Farm in Accord, NY. The leaf lettuce also in the Burmese Salad is from Migliorelli Farm in Tivoli, NY. The chicken in the soup and curry has also been sourced from the region and is hormone free.

(Pictures courtesy of J. Glebocki Farms)


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