Salute the Bean

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Thousands of years ago, hunter-gatherers and nomadic people changed their lifestyle and began to settle in one place. This would dramatically alter the course of human history. To support themselves they tilled the earth and grew crops, creating the first systems of agriculture.  Growing crops became essential to survival and a personal favorite of the time were beans.

Evidence has shown how prevalent the bean crop has been throughout history. The native people of Mexico and Peru were growing beans as far back as 7000 B.C. Chickpeas, fava beans and lentils have been found in 4000 year old Egyptian tombs. Parts of Asia were growing and using soybeans also around the same time period in 1500 B.C. High in fiber, protein and carbohydrates, the beans provided these people with everlasting energy.

Beans have been an integral part of the development of humanity and culture. This week’s Valley Café celebrates one of the world’s first cultivated crops by designing the menu around the bean. Other originally cultivated crops such as grains (including wheat, barley, millet, rice and corn) will also be included in the Valley Café menu. Together the amino acids of beans and grains complement each other to form a complete protein, the foundation for human growth and development and the ultimate meal!

It’s appropriate for the Valley Café to salute the bean in this week’s menu because doing so also celebrates the world’s first farmers. Traditional, local, hardworking farmers are at the core of the Valley Café.

Join us for a bean filled meal on Tuesday, October 15th!



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