Ukrainian Cuisine

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On Tuesday, October 29th the Valley Café will feature cuisine from Ukraine!

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe located just north of the Black Sea and bordered by countries like Russia, Poland and Hungary. The country has had its borders changed many times, especially during the Soviet era when it was one of the republics of the Soviet Union. During this time, the country experienced chronic food shortages which had a huge influence on the development of the country’s cuisine.


Ukrainian cuisine originates from peasant dishes based on inexpensive and easily accessible ingredients like bread, potatoes, cabbage and beets. Soups made from these ingredients were simple and easy to cook and the main part of a typical Ukrainian diet. These dishes were profound until the the 17th and 18th century when the tsars started to bring French and Italian chefs to the country to cook for their elaborate banquets. The more luxurious dishes soon left their influence on Ukrainian cuisine and added new spices and herbs such as black pepper, red pepper, salt, bay leaf, parsley, dill, garlic and onion. Meat is also now eaten more often (particularly due to the agricultural development of the country) with favorites being pork, beef and sausage prepared either as stewed, boiled, fried or smoked.

Today a typical Ukrainian meal is a blend of simple, rustic cooking and unique, modern dishes. Tuesday’s Valley Café menu incorporates many of these essential Ukrainian ingredients in the Beet Borschch Soup, Beef Goulash and Cabbage-Pepper Salad (see the full menu here). Join us Tuesday from 11:30-1:30 and experience tastes straight from Eastern Europe!


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