International Valley Café

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A typical experience at the Valley Café includes a hot, delicious meal, conversation with friends and a great view of the campus green from the Cabaret. But this week guests may have also overheard expressions of “muy bien”, “bon appétit” or “delizioso”!

International Table

Mary Dunne, Director of Health Services, has teamed up with Marist International Programs to establish a language table at the Valley Café where students can speak a foreign language and enjoy their lunch. The main languages practiced are Spanish, French and Italian since those are offered as majors at Marist. The event is an opportunity  to practice with fluent international students or continue conversation after having learning a language abroad. Students do not need to be studying a language to attend. The event is simply about maintaining a bi-lingual culture and supporting a strong international presence at the college.

The weekly theme at the Valley Café is often international. So far this year meals have been from Italy, France, Myanmar, Germany and Ukraine. Each country not only brings a unique cuisine but also its own language. As the Valley Café explores many different cultures it’s important to understand the way its people communicate.

There are plans for at least one more international table at the Valley Cafe before the end of the semester. Stay tuned for more information!


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