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The local farms are at it again, providing the Valley Café with the ingredients it needs to make an exciting new lunch.

This week’s Korean menu comes from Elba, New York located between Buffalo and Rochester. The cucumbers in in the Spicy Cucumber Salad and the cabbage in the Dak Galbi Spicy Chicken have been grown by the family at Torrey Farms.

Torrey 3

The Torrey family left England in 1626, first settling in Connecticut and then moving into New York in search of better soil. They landed in the nutrient rich muckland region and are still growing 11 generations later. Charles Torrey is credited with getting the farm up and running when he took over in 1954. His farming skills, work ethic and vision for the future helped turn the farm into the prosperous 10,000 acres that it is today. His children John, Mark and Maureen currently own the farm and oversee its growing and packing operations. Molly, Travis, Shannon, Jordyn, Lucas, Jed and Maxwell are the next generation in line to inherit one of the largest vegetable crop farms in New York.


Owner Maureen is known for her initiative in tackling tough issues. She has spoken in front of the Committee on Agriculture regarding the 2007 Farm Bill and has presented statements to Congress on the topic of immigration reform, after the farm lost many high quality migrant workers after an I-9 audit. Torrey Farms also makes food safety a priority through their USDA and Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification. They are also well known for giving back to the community through donations to food banks and local Elba organizations.

This past September, Torrey Farms was awarded for its many efforts by receiving the National Grower Achievement Award in Washington, D.C.

It’s not every day you get to have award-winning produce for lunch.

Taste the Torrey cucumbers and cabbage in tomorrow’s Valley Café from 11:30-1:30 in the Cabaret. We look forward to seeing you there!


Please Note: Many other ingredients in this week’s Korean meal were also sourced locally. The onions in the Spicy Chicken are from Rapasadi Farms in Canastota, NY. The pepper comes from Sheppard Farms and additional cabbage also comes from Cecarelli Farms.

(Pictures courtesy of Farm Progress and Torrey Farms)


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