Thanksgiving Comes Early

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It’s officially November and the season to give thanks.

The Valley Café would like to thank all the visitors who attend each week and celebrate good food, people and the benefits to local sourcing. Although each week we are conscious of the farmers who grow our meal, there is also a lot of hard work that goes into cooking and preparing the food.

This week Chef Anthony has chosen to create a Thanksgiving menu to celebrate the holiday and also give thanks for the members of his culinary staff. This Thanksgiving meal contains the classics–turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing and vegetables…but with a twist. Each dish represents a cuisine from the mother country of most of the Sodexo staff that prepares our meals. This international Thanksgiving reflects the diversity of the culinary staff with Native American, Italian, Hawaiian, Mexican, Jamaican, Greek, Filipino and Albanian cuisine. Even a Jewish meal is featured, since the first day of Hanukkah coincidentally falls on Thanksgiving.

The culinary staff at Marist are as close as family, explains Chef Anthony: “In the food industry due to long hours, close quarters and just about every emotion a human can go through, you in a sense become ‘family’. In most kitchens the staff prepare a meal, fix themselves a plate and sit down and have the meal together like a family.” It’s this close bond that inspired Chef to show thanks for the people he works with: “With all the diversity we have in staff, why not represent a dish in each cuisine of their motherland?”

Celebrate Thanksgiving early at Tuesday’s Valley Café and show some thanks for our hardworking culinary staff here at Marist!



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