It’s That Time of Year Again…

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Welcome back Valley Café fans! Marist College is back in session for the spring semester and so is our locally sourced luncheon.

I received a lot of positive feedback on my work with The Valley Café last semester and the event itself has experienced great participation. The enthusiasm for The Valley Café has been wonderful and Dining Services is excited for a new semesters worth of menus and satisfied taste buds. I am happy to announce that The Valley Café will have its first meal of the semester this Tuesday, January 28th from 11:30-1:30 in the Cabaret.

The menu is themed around my personal favorite starch, the potato! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner and in a variety of forms from french fries to mashed, the potato is an American classic. Chef Anthony has designed each item of Tuesday’s menu to each feature a different type of potato.

In case you were looking for some potato fun facts, here are some to take with you to Tuesday’s lunch:


The potato was the first vegetable to be grown in space when plants were taken aboard the Columbia shuttle in 1995. 

The Guinness World Record for largest potato is 18 pound, 4 ounces. Enough to make seventy-three medium McDonalds fries. 

Potatoes have more potassium than bananas.

See you back at The Valley Café on Tuesday!



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