Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

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The amount of potatoes that were present at today’s opening Valley Café was slighting overwhelming. The variety ranged from red potatoes, to Yukon gold and russet potatoes. Then there were our locally grown fingerling and deep purple Peruvian potatoes from RSK Farm in Prattsville, New York. (Unfortunately, the farm experienced significant damage from hurricane Irene in 2011 and is now working to re-develop its damaged farm land. Sourcing from RSK not only provides us fresh, local ingredients but also helps the farm recover!).

I learned quickly as I was filling up my plate  that I had to pick and choose which potatoes I wanted for lunch or else I would be consuming more starch than I could handle. But choosing from the many delicious and steaming recipes was no easy task. My favorites ended up being the oven baked parmesan fries seasoned in thyme, oregano, rosemary garlic and cheese. Chef Anthony and I went back for seconds, as he was a fan of them as well.

But dessert was my absolute favorite. Potatoes and dessert was never a concept that fit well in my head before today’s lunch. However, the fruit banana and sweet potato casserole was the perfect ending to my meal. The naturally sweet flavor of the bananas and sweet potatoes, enhanced by brown sugar and cinnamon, created one of those “melt in your mouth” desserts. I’ve never been much of a sweet potato fan, but this may have converted me.

photo (18)

Chef Anthony will be sharing the recipe for the banana and sweet potato casserole for those of you personal chefs who wish to re-create this glorious dessert moment. I’ll keep you posted with the details!

It was great to see such a good turn out at The Valley Café’s first meal of the semester. Who else had a favorite potato dish from today??


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