Eating Healthy for Spring

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Over the winter months we find ourselves snowed in and avoiding the harsh temperatures to sit in bed wrapped up in blankets, munching on cookies dunked in hot chocolate and awaiting the blossoms of spring. Winter is the ultimate couch potato month. In some ways that is the beauty of the cold, but it also can also encourage a more sedimentary lifestyle that may not always come with the best eating habits. By the time spring comes many people are not only eager for the warm weather, but also to burn off the winter calories and eat the fresh produce that is back in season.


This week The Valley Café has designed an exceptionally healthy menu to help beat the winter blues junk food. Vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini, kale and spinach will be paired with classic favorites like chicken, potatoes and rice for a well-balanced and delicious lunch. And there will be dessert as well, of course. All made by Chef Anthony with your health in mind.

The Valley Café prides itself in the local farms that the food comes from, which is also an added health benefit. Local farmers grow their produce more naturally and the food is not exposed to heavy pesticides and other chemicals that are used in industrial farming practices. In addition, local produce arrives more fresh and full of ripe nutrients, unlike the items have that sat in the back of a truck for a couple of days.

Come celebrate the near end of winter with a change in your diet! Between a hearty menu and local ingredients, this week’s Valley Café will be the perfect kick off to a healthy spring. Join us for lunch on Tuesday from 11:30-1:30!



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