Southwestern Spice & Everything Nice (or Breaking Bad)

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The Valley Café explores a lot of international cuisine from around the world; however, here within the United States there are just as many varieties of meals. Chef Anthony decided to design today’s lunch around one of our great states: New Mexico. Although an American territory, the state’s food is heavily influenced by its Mexican neighbors to the south. The southwest region of the country, in general, is a great place to taste authentic Mexican flavors without having to whip out your passport.

photo 1 (4)

The quintessential Mexico flavors were in abundance this afternoon from avocados to beans and rice…but the tastes of New Mexico wouldn’t be complete without some spicy ingredients. Jalapeno poppers were also found at the buffet as well as some papas con chile (chile potatoes). I’m usually very sensitive to hot ingredients, but this afternoon’s Valley Café was delicious with just enough spicy kick. It was a great way to experience a part of my country that I have never been to before.

Also, let’s not pretend like we aren’t all thinking about Breaking Bad at the New Mexico themed event


…had to throw that in there.

See you next week for another piping hot, local meal!



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