Bacon + Donuts ?

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Today I ate a bacon donut…and it was pretty awesome.

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It initially sounds like an unappetizing pairing, but the salty/sweet combination of the dessert is delightful. And this is coming from the girl who just yesterday admitted to not liking bacon all that much.

Today’s Valley Café was full of the best selection of comfort food from macaroni and cheese to sweet potatoes and crispy bacon. It was the perfect combination of recipes for a rainy afternoon. And that donut was a spectacularly unique ending. 

What did you think of the bacon donut??


Bacon Lovers

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My favorite sandwich at the nearby deli is a delicious combination of breaded chicken cutlet, bacon, melted yellow american cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo on a hard roll. I could eat it every day for lunch. Except, whenever I go to order my sandwich, I always have to say, “I’d like a Big Bird please, no bacon”. That’s when I see the judgment in the server’s eyes…What?! No bacon?!? Are you un-American?!?  To which I telepathically communicate back, I just don’t like it. 


There’s not really much of a reason for my bacon indifference, but I have always been a bit self-conscious of the fact that I don’t share the same bacon enthusiasm as the majority of the American population. Lucky for you bacon lovers, this week’s Valley Café showcases the many ways of cooking with pork which does include plenty of bacon. 


I am determined to give bacon a try during tomorrow’s lunch from 11:30 to 1:30. Chef Anthony never lets me down…

See you then!