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French Cuisine with Auguste Escoffier

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This upcoming Tuesday, October 1st the Valley Café will be going to France.


Chef Anthony has designed the menu with inspiration from the work of French chef and restaurateur Georges Auguste Escoffier, who represents this week’s theme.

Escoffier is a legendary figure in the culinary field and a key leader in the development of modern French cuisine. He showed early promise as an artist and began an apprenticeship in his uncle’s restaurant in Nice by the age of thirteen. Later in life he ran the kitchen of Hotel National in Lucerne where he met César Ritz. Together they formed a hotel partnership, with Escoffier in charge of the kitchen. He eventually set up the kitchens and recruited the chefs for the high status clientele of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain in both Paris and London.

Escoffier introduced an organized discipline to the kitchen that helped elevate the status of the culinary profession. He also worked to simplify the elaborate cooking styles of the time, particularly the recipes for five mother sauces. Escoffier was France’s most distinguished chef of the early 20th century and the French press referred to him as roi des cuisiniers et cuisinier des rois (“king of chefs and chef of kings”).


Come enjoy the tastes of France at the Valley Café on October 1st!

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