Tahiti cuisine

The Beauty of Tahiti

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Half way between Los Angeles and Sydney lies one of the world’s most stunning destinations: Tahiti.


The French Polynesian island was formed from volcanic activity that left the land mountainous and surrounded by coral reefs. The crystal clear Pacific ocean nests quaint floating bungalows, hundreds of species of fish and peaceful canoes. The ocean-based culture has a large influence on the food that the Europeans and Chinese residents eat (as well as the many tourists each year). Seafood can be found in practically any meal and pork and fruits are very popular as well. The tropical flavors will be plentiful at tomorrow’s Valley Café with tons of pineapple, mandarin oranges and papaya.


And as you eat your meal in the cabaret tomorrow (bathing suits optional) I hope that the view magically turns into this….See you then.



(Photos courtesy of The Care Free Traveler & HQ Wide)